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~ Triple Warmer ~

Triple Warmer is both a meridian and a Radiant Circuit, but it also plays so many other roles that I often speak of it as a separate and independent energy system. Specifically, it governs the immune system, the fight-flight-or-freeze response, and the body’s survival habits.

~ As a Meridian: Triple Warmer energy follows its pathway, but the flow varies tremendously. Sometimes it has a thick, slow, sludgy movement and sometimes it shoots forward with great bursts of hot energy. Triple Warmer usually looks reddish-brown to me, sometimes with a yellow spark at times of great bursts.

~ As a Radiant Circuit: its energies can go anywhere in the body, and it is capable of siphoning energy from any of the body’s meridians (except Heart) if it needs their energies. As the guardian of the body’s habits, it allows the person to go into “automatic pilot” mode for routine processes. It also plays a gate keeping role, directing the immune system regarding what to assimilate and what to block or fight.

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