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The Next Level Of Healing Is ​Here!

Cindy offers a unique fusion blending the modalities of many Energy works in her healing sessions to include:

Eden Energy Medicine, Quantum Crystalline Energy, Energy Psychology, tapping, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Sound (vibrational) Healing, Emotional Balancing, Meditation, Substance Testing, Essential Oils and an amazing intuition that she has cultivated over the past 37 years of study. Together this combination of the above modalities is how Cindy achieves balance and a harmonized flow of energy Qi (pronounced "chi") within and around the body. Sessions are personalized and based on the needs of each individual client, as each body is unique and constantly changing. It's Cindy's vast knowledge through her training/studying, along with her passion in helping others, that has led her clients to increased Body, Heart and Soul Alignment!

During sessions, clients learn simple techniques they can take home to reinforce the work that has been done to accelerate their healing process. Cindy’s passion is to empower people to have effective, powerful tools to help improve their health and energy; particularly with our changing conventional health care environment. Energy medicine has the potential to truly be “preventative”; a concept in short supply in today’s health care challenges.

Our treatment space provides a private, quiet, tranquil oasis where you begin to relax as soon as you enter.  

The focus is on your needs, comfort and sense of absolute safety and trust.


Energy Medicine Session

begins with discussing what your body has been saying physically, emotionally & spiritually. Cindy will listen, ask questions and take notes. Utilizing Kinesiology techniques, Cindy will examine and determine imbalances within your energy systems for irregular energies, either over or under, and perform hands on energy medicine protocols such as acupressure to regain balance and a harmonic flow.


After your session, Cindy will review with you the irregular energies found and corrected.  Detailed home  "Self Care" recommendations will be given to allow you to maintain this balance. 


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