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~ The Five Elements/Rhythms ~

This energy system is similar to the weave of a cloth or basket that helps create a container for all your body’s energies. It is also like connective tissue that extends throughout your energy body. Whereas meridians can be compared to streams and the chakras to pools, the Celtic Weave is comparable to a web. It draws all of our energy systems together into a network of communication through a crisscrossing dance of large and small figure 8s and sometimes other geometrical shapes, as well. Crossover patterns found in the Celtic Weave reflect basic forms found in nature. The healthier the body and its energies, the more prominent the Celtic Weave will be. Strengthening the Celtic Weave is a good way to end any healing session. It reinforces and “locks in” the gains.

Within this complex system, there is incredible simplicity--balance in the human body. This is why Acupressure, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology are so effective. How many of us suffer from feelings of un-wellness which can not be substantiated by laboratory test results? How many of us are aware that something is wrong, or even have specific complaints despite inconclusive test findings? Many of us suffer through long periods of our lives unnecessarily with such "sub clinical symptoms" and are told that there is nothing wrong. Although modern Acupuncturists may use lab work as additional diagnostic tools, Energy Medicine determines your level of health through the examination of the normal and abnormal organ system functions in your body through a complex diagnostic process, by viewing the outside of the body as a window into the internal organs and by recognizing a two-way connection between the body and the mind. The laboratory which provides us with the most significant information is the human body itself. It usually tells us everything we need to know. We just need to know how to listen.

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