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"Passion Is A Strange Thing; It's Deep, Powerful;

An Overwhelming Emotion That Overcomes You.

You Can't Hide It, Or Even Dismiss It"

                              ~ Cindy Karas, Alchemist

"I Have Deep Passion For Energy Work. It’s Not Only What I Teach, It’s How I Live My Life"

     "My interest in energy work surfaced 39 yrs ago when my son was born with excessive food allergies. Several pediatricians diagnosed him with severe colic saying I would just have to wait for him to grow out of it in a few months and there is no cure for colic, that was definitely not the right answer for me! I was fortunate to locate a wonderful nutritionist using Energy Medicine and she recognized immediately it was food allergies. Through the use of kinesiology, she identified the specific foods that needed to be eliminated and BINGO, in 6 days his pain was gone! I realized at that time that I was fascinated with Energy work, that it really worked, and I just HAD to be a part of it and learn more! I had no idea this journey would lead me to my life's work!"


My path involved many years studying metaphysics, various modalities of energy work and an open mind to learn from more advanced practitioners

  • 1984- Beginning of my journey into the field of energy medicine starting with kinesiology and substance (food) testing on friends and family. Began studying Metaphysics, awareness and mindfulness. 
  • 2006- Certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner- Reiki I, II and then completing III to become a Reiki Master.
  • 2010- Began studies of Eden Energy Medicine and introduction to vibrational frequencies using Essential Oils, Crystals, Light and Sound with Lindy Franciose, my mentor and Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.
  • 2016- completed 2nd yr at Innersource Institute in Phoenix, AZ as a Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine. How fortunate was I to have the most Advanced Practitioners from around the world as my instructors, to include Donna Eden herself!
  • 2017- Certification in Quantum Crystalline Energy-I, direct from Founder and advanced Eden Energy medicine practitioner, Renata McConnell
  • Currently enrolled at the Aromahead Institute for Aromatherapy

In Wellness Treatments, we will discuss the issues that brought you here, how they are affecting your life, and how we can change them  together as a team. A clear and healthy physical body and mind provides the environment for us to reach our highest potential on all levels. Each session is unique to you and I am trained in techniques to assess the body’s subtle energy systems, identify irregular energies and make the necessary corrections to bring into balance. I have a deep understanding of vibrational healing to include breath, sound, crystals and essential oils that I incorporate in my work. Kinesiology, acupressure and tapping are some of the protocols used to move your energy into balance as well as intuition and hands on healing. This variety of expertise, coupled with fine-tuned instincts and intuition complete the deep well used to draw upon for your healing.

Energy Medicine can be learned and used by everyone to improve their health, increase their energy, and optimize their joy and radiance. I empower my clients to achieve their goals through ‘active participation’ and awareness of their energetic bodies, emphasizing the importance of self-care. A huge benefit of Energy Medicine is that you can do it yourself! Learn how to incorporate the "Daily Energy Routine" into your life with just 5 minutes a day and start to change your own energies, and raise your frequencies.

Vital Energy Medicine operates by appointment only.

What Cindy's Clients Are Saying!

"I am a client of Cindy's and have experienced several energy sessions so far.

Cindy is such a joy to work with. Her knowledge of Eden Energy Medicine

is extensive and her ability to relate to me on a personal level is amazing.

She always knows what my body needs as well as my mental and emotional

energy blockages. After a session with Cindy, I feel lighter, more positive,

and more grounded. She also teaches energy exercises to do at home so I

can continue my energy balancing, educating me on self care.Cindy’s positive

spirit and beautiful smile will welcome you, surround you with love- a joyful experience. Thank you Cindy!!"

Cathy Johnston

Owner, Hearts & Sol Wellness, Oak Island, NC

"Cindy is just super. Her enthusiasm and skill are awesome to behold! She

knows her energy science and is actively learning more all the time. Expect

an invigorating, thorough, and instructive session with her once you enter

her relaxing studio oasis!"

Diane Hess, Louisburg, NC Reiki Master/Massage Therapist

"Cindy uses the utmost care to provide what is needed to bring about relief

and to reduce stress in the physical body. I found her warm personality

combined with her use of uplifting essential oils welcoming and received a

personalized treatment that brought a glow of peace and I felt recharged for

another day. I left with a list of self care suggestions that have been very


Vicki Phelps, Louisburg, NC, Intuit

"Cindy is the absolute best! She is the true definition of "energy"....u walk into

her studio and immediately feel transformed!"

Liz Lane, Wendell, NC

"Just got back from a great energy session with Cindy at Vital Energy Medicine,

I feel so mellow I can't even tell you."

Steve Gallagher, Wake Forest, NC

"Cindy has an amazing, loving energy! Her studio is lovely, like walking into a warm hug. She is a gifted practitioner. My treatment was so relaxing. She even provided some easy. quick homework assignments to continue healing at home! I look forward to my next session!

Judy Stout, Youngsville, NC

I absolutely adore Cindy! She is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled. My life is a healing journey or a “journey to wholeness” as I like to call it. Cindy is such an amazing support for me on that path. Every session with her is different, depending on my needs. She’s extremely intuitive in knowing what my needs are at times when I may not know myself. I feel safe and cared for in her presence. She helps me stay grounded and balanced. Cindy is a gifted, bright, healing light in this world.

Shannon Dievendorf

Owner of Rebel Soul Yoga, Oak Island, NC

"My experience with Vital Energy Medicine was wonderful. When I came in for my session I wasn't sure what to expect, but Cindy's kindness and personability immediately put me at ease. She was very professional and was happy to answer any questions that I had. Her gift of intuitive sensing combined with her clinical understanding of the energy body makes her a powerful and effective healer. After she released my energetic blockages, I felt physically lighter and completely rejuvenated. I could feel the energy flowing freely through my body. I highly recommend Cindy's services!"

Alexa Smith, Franklin, NC

"Cindy is amazing! I am so impressed with her professionalism. I am looking forward to working with her more!"

Francine Rogers, Raleigh, NC


"Thank you so much for yesterday's session! I had a perfect nights sleep. I got up this morning ready to go, not my usual drag around the house with coffee in hand trying to wake up.I'm amazed by what I have accomplished in the 90 minutes I've been awake :)

You've made me a believer, thanks for the enlightenment! I will try my best to continue and grow with what you have shared with me. Have a truly blessed day!"

Colleen Blackwelder, Wake Forest, NC

'" I had a very restful sleep last night, something I have not had in several nights. I woke up feeling energized, thanks for fixing my flow!"

Pam Daniel, Youngsville, NC

2016 Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine, "Innersource Institute"

2006 Reiki Practitioner III

Fran Wellgood, "Wellgood Work" 

2017 Quantum Crystalline Energy

Renata McConnell, "Crystalline Energy Healing"

2012 Young Living Distributor

ID: #1304527

Currently Enrolled in Aromatherapy

Certification Program

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