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Are you ready to activate your infinite life potential?

The more ease and fluidity we hold within ourselves, the more grace. ease and self-empowerment we take out into our everyday lives.

Begin Your Journey Today!

What Is Energy Medicine?

While we can’t see energy, it does exist! We can’t see the wind, but it’s there. We can’t see electricity, but we know it powers our lives. We can’t see TV, radio, phone, internet, microwave or X rays but they all exist.

We may not see the energy, but we can feel, with all our senses, the effects.

Learning to connect with, and move, the energy is a crucial cornerstone to releasing healing within and

regaining/maintaining health.

It’s been an integral part of our ancestors’ lives and without doubt will feature prominently in the medicine of the future. 

Eden Energy Method

The Eden Energy Method works with energetic systems, which allows

it to create an endless variety of individualized sessions for

each client. We are all distinct human beings; there will never at any time another you! The ability to create sessions based on each unique individual greatly increases the success of treatments.

Energy Medicine puts the

power of healing in the hands of

the client by teaching short, powerful energy homework. This continues to retrain the energetic imbalances and subsequently move the body and emotions to a healthier state. 

~ Donna Eden & Cindy Karas

2015 @ Innersource Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Cindy Karas 

Cindy’s energy medicine sessions are a terpsichore of many modalities of energy works; listening, feeling and healing through the movement of energy in and around the body, it's fascinating and it's real! It’s the dance of balancing your energy systems into harmonic flow to feel better, think more clearly and live your very best life ever!

Cindy empowers her clients to have effective, powerful tools to help improve their health and energy; particularly with our changing conventional health care environment. Energy medicine has the potential to truly be “preventative”; 

a concept in short supply in today’s health care challenges.

Energy Is All There Is...  Period.

All that exists is Energy, it's all vibrating frequencies that coagulate and become

denser and denser till it becomes our physical form

~ OR ~

it becomes lighter and lighter and turns into subtle energies 

and becomes the air that transfers everything!

Energies Follow These Principles:

  • Energy needs and wants to MOVE
  • Energy needs SPACE to move
  • Energy moves in PATTERNS
  • Where Your Attention Goes.. The Energy FLOWS!

Learning the patterns of the flow of energy enables us to move forward with the energies rather than backwards against the flow. Energy also forms habits, some good and sometimes not so good. Habits are wonderful if you want to get in the car and drive your usual route to work each day and not think much about it. Hmmm, not so good if you want to say, change your eating habits or quit smoking, drinking or perhaps a negative way of thinking.

Choice Is A Function Of Awareness

With an awareness of yourself as an energetic being, and the knowledge that you can shift your energies

on the spot with simple techniques, the more choice you have in the face of stress, illness, or challenge.

Everything is energy and you are no exception – schedule a session, take a class, learn about your energy body,

and become empowered to take your health into your own hands.

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

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